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About Kim

When I was planning my wedding way-back-when (2008, aka the dark days before Pinterest), I was shocked at how much time and effort went into making this one day truly special. I wanted all of the hard work I put into wedding planning to be documented in a way I could always look back on and really feel like I accomplished something big (because hey, I did!:))

Photography started out as my way to reset my brain to “creative” in the off hours of my computer programming job. I spent some time taking courses at ICP and PhotoManhattan, as well as starting a photo-rific foodie blog. But it wasn’t until after all of the wedding craziness was behind me that I realized I really wanted to combine my love of photography and weddings into a new career.

Since then, life has changed quite a bit! I eventually moved to suburbia (Long Island), left my computer programming job and had a gorgeous-cutie-pie baby (and let me tell you, shooting a wedding at 8 months pregnant is no cakewalk, but I made it through!:)). But I am still loving all things wedding, and I feel so lucky to be able to show my couples how truly amazing their weddings were through photographs!

Drop me a line, and let’s chat about what will make your day one-of-a-kind!


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photos by Katje Hempel

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