Jenna & Bob are Engaged!

I had such a great time with Jenna and Bob for their engagement session! It was so special because we got to do the session in the town where Jenna grew up, a really cool neighborhood in southern NJ called Medford Lakes.

Jenna and Bob on dock

I just LOVED the mood of the first photo, with the stillness of the water and the dock. What you don’t see is a bunch of people who were skinny dipping in the lake right nearby 😉

Jenna and Bob - holding hands

Jenna and Bob on bench

At the beach on the lake, there was a really cute playground that we had some fun with!

Jenna and Bob on swings

Jenna and Bob in playground

Jenna and Bob from up above

Jenna and Bob at lake beach

Jenna and Bob black and white

Jenna and Bob walking on beach

Jenna and Bob on lifeguard stand

I love the fall colors in this one! So pretty 🙂

Jenna and Bob with pumpkin on porch

Jenna and Bob on dock kissing

Thanks so much to Jenna and Bob for spending their day with me! It was so much fun and I hope you guys love the photos 🙂

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