Engagement Session – a client’s perspective…

How awesome are Bryan and Kristen? They put together a very cool website and blog for their big day, and I was so excited to read about our engagement shoot together from their perspective. Thanks so much guys, I can’t wait for your wedding! 🙂

From their post:

Picking a wedding photographer isn’t an easy task for a couple. It’s one of the more important aspects of the wedding besides the DJ and the food/venue. If you choose the right photographer you can preserve those wedding memories for years. Kristen and I felt Kimberly Salem’s photography documented weddings so beautifully, that we wanted that style for our wedding. We had a nice engagement session with Kim back in September 2010 and the photos came out really lovely!

We decided to have our engagement session in Central Park, right around when the leaves were turning. The leaves were only just turning but the photos still came out amazing. The location was on the West Side of Central Park, near The Museum of Natural History. There were lots of bridges, and little spots for great photo shoots. Honestly, we probably could have been there all day with all the excellent locations available for photos.

It was nice getting to know Kim, as a person and as a photographer. It’s always helpful to meet your photographer before the wedding that way you can get used to being in front of the camera and working with your chosen photographer. Throughout the engagement session, I just couldn’t help but laugh at my poses and what to do with my hands. I’m usually the one behind the camera, so it was a bit weird to have my photo taken. Kim gave us pointers and suggestions on what to do and that helped out a lot. We were really happy with the final engagement photos and can’t wait to see what Kimberly Salem does with our wedding photos!

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