Sarah & David are Engaged!

Sarah, David and I had a lot of fun with this shoot… it began in Grand Central and ended up with cupcakes! Can’t go wrong with that 🙂 It was actually Sarah’s birthday the day of the shoot, so the cupcakes were pretty much a necessity!

Sarah and David in Grand Central - wide angle

Sarah and David - Grand Central

I loved her dress and shoes! Her dress was from Anthropologie, of course (where all adorable things originate).

Sarah's shoes

Sarah and David on Escalator

They changed outfits and we ventured into the seedy underbelly of Grand Central to check out the actual trains 🙂

Sarah and David by Metro North train

Sarah and David B&w by trains

After that, we headed outside and wandered a bit around the Bryant Park area.

Sarah and David in front of New York Public Library

Sarah and David by Grand Central with taxis

Can’t say no to the ice cream truck 🙂

Sarah and David with ice cream truck

Sarah and David with lights overhead

Sarah and David under trellis with lights

David and Sarah by cool fence in Bryant Park

Sarah and David b&w ring shot

Sarah and David fall colors

Sarah and David Black and White

Cupcake time! After the shoot we headed to Magnolia for some delicious desserts. Check out my food blog for a couple more delicious photos from the day!

Eating cupcake

Here’s a bonus glimpse of their super cute save the date cards 🙂

Save the Date

Thanks so much to Sarah and David for a great session 🙂 Hope you guys had fun and I’m looking forward to your wedding!!

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  1. Hello,

    I am Sarah’s mom- we LOVE the pictures!!!! Absolutely beautiful, artistic, wonderful lighting and scenery- amazing! Thank you so much! Looking forward to meeting you at the wedding!

  2. Thanks, everyone! 🙂 Beth, I am so glad you like them, and I’m looking forward to meeting you too!!

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