Emma – Washington Square Park

Emma is one of those rare people who is so talented, she barely knows how to contain all of her gifts 🙂 She is an amazing actress, playwright, rugby player, and a future doctor! She met me in Washington Square Park to do some headshots and casual portraits.

emma headshots 1

It was so much fun to photograph her. She is a real natural in front of the camera, since she’s used to having headshots taken.

emma portrait with purple flowers

Seriously… check out those arm muscles! 🙂

emma backlit with fountain

We tried to get a few different types of headshots, ranging from the more happy/commercial:

emma portraits

To a more urban style:

emma headshot brick wall

And I had to get in a couple of creative portraits!

emma with ivy

emma lying on moss

This one I think is my favorite… so hard to pick, but I love the moss and the catchlight in her eyes!

emma on moss

Thanks so much for coming out to play, Emma!! 🙂 Hope you had as much fun as I did!

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  1. all these photoes are great kimmy, i love them!
    if you ever need another model, you know who to call :] xo

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