My Niece – 3 months

More baby cuteness!! šŸ™‚ Here are some photos of my niece from the couple of times I saw her last month. She is changing so quickly, I can hardly believe it! Her neck is getting really strong šŸ™‚

P - tummy time b&w

Mommy-assisted walking:

P - "walking"!

Love these pumpkin jammies!!

P with her cute pumpkin jammies

Some close-ups šŸ™‚

P - close up

P - close up b&w

Having fun in the carseat!

P in the carseat

My bro is such a good dad šŸ™‚

P and her dad

This is my Nana, and her great-grandma!

P and her great grandma

P with cool bokeh

Iā€™m loving this whole being-an-aunt thing! Can you tell? šŸ™‚

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